like i don’t give a fuck who you think you are, if you see criticisms of the sexual assault overtones in the card art for triumph of ferocity and your first instinct is to dismiss, belittle, or attack the person expressing these opinions


no two ways about it

if you…

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh bullshit.

So the two players in this story are Planeswalkers, beings of incredible power that use magic far beyond the ability of their peers to further their own ends, whether they be selfless or selfish. These two in particular are from the original Lorwyn 5 (the first planeswalker cards ever printed). On the left we have Garruk Wildspeaker, a barbarian of the wilds who can summon powerful beasts to his aid when his already impressive might just won’t cut it in a fight. He is headstrong, ferocious, and an undeniable representation of “survival of the fittest.” On the right is Lilliana Vess, a necromancer who is nigh unmatched in cunning and determination, though her ambition has caught her on the wrong side of many a demon she always ends out on top. 

Now these two are fighting because

Lilliana got her hands on something powerful. You see that veil on her face? it’s called the Chain Veil

A powerful artifact that enhances the powers of magic users, especially planeswalkers. When Lily puts it on she can use magic unavailable to her previously. And with it she places a powerful curse on Garruk.

And from this is born a new, darker Garruk. One who poisons everything he touches. Who can’t summon his magic or his beasts without them falling prey to sickness or corruption. He has become a shadow of what he once was, and Lily couldn’t care less. 

Understandably so, she had never met, or even heard of Garruk before this fight. She had beings to go see that owned parts of her soul, contracts to close, permanently. But what she’d created was a desperate man who knew only how to fight, to regain what he had lost. So he does what any good beast would when it finds new prey, he hunts. He hunts her all the way to another plane of existence to get this curse off of him. 

And here we come upon the card art in question “Triumph of Ferocity”

A man of indomitable strength and size, bearing down on an obviously physically outmatched woman. One has this fight well in hand and is clearly going to come out on top, while the other is desperately fighting for their life. Can you guess which is which? Look at Garruk, his skin is pale stone and his veins bulge with violet blood, he’s obviously got some crazy anger that’s boiling through him, giving him the power to defeat this sorceress even though she’s crippled his magic.

Oh wait, nevermind, Lily kicks his ass. I wonder why. It must be real fucking difficult fighting on two fronts, especially when one of those is inside your own body.

I’m utterly disappointed. These are two characters at war, both of which have agendas that have nothing to do with gender, but because one of them is a woman we have to side with her. There are plenty of other cards in magic that depict fighting and death but we have to talk about this one because a woman looks like she’s losing. 

Yeah, no.

It must have been utterly horrible to be in the relationship you described, and it’s haunting that some of us creatures still think it’s ok to treat each other like that. But you shouldn’t be projecting all that pain onto this story, this piece of art. 

Magic is a tale of powerful people getting into big fights for things they care deeply about. But, man or woman, no one deserves to win, or survive. 

great, but you pretty much missed my entire point

it’s not even about the art any more ?? the art is there, it happened, it’s done with

MY complaint is about how quick players are to shut down conversations about interpretations of the art that are different from their own, which is … exactly what you did, so you doubly missed the point, though you were very articulate and civil about making yours

i take issue with the complete lack of empathy within the magic player base, the unwillingness to consider that different people are impacted in different ways and that they are allowed to talk about this amongst themselves

i don’t particularly care to censor artists and i understand that planeswalkers are powerful and in this instance very angry, i can keep up with the lore and yeah the curse of the veil is pretty shit, personally, garruk was my first planeswalker and will always be my favorite so your insinuation that it’s all about “taking sides” with liliana because she’s a woman is garbage

this entire rant was about listening to perspectives that come from backgrounds you don’t share instead of denying them completely

dialogue is important and it’s not fair to use dominant-identity clout to minimize marginal-identity discussion, even if you disagree with what is being said



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regarding triumph of ferocity

like i don’t give a fuck who you think you are, if you see criticisms of the sexual assault overtones in the card art for triumph of ferocity and your first instinct is to dismiss, belittle, or attack the person expressing these opinions


no two ways about it

if you have never been a target of a given abuse ( RAPE or other forms or intimate violence, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, etc. ) you have absolutely NO PLACE in determining how people who ARE affected ought to express their perceptions regarding these experiences

like SHUT THE FUCK RIGHT UP, you assholes !!

for me, personally : statistically, over half of my sexual experiences have been either coercive or outright rape

and i’m not talking about once or twice or a few times

i am talking about daily sexual abuse for years, routinely being physically overpowered, being threatened, being unable to leave

now, i was able to get away from that person ( most people in similar situations aren’t !! in fact, they tend to be dead ) and life is better now, but i still live with post traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain, and i am - WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED !? - sensitive to depictions of sexual violence and relationship abuse

so when i see people from a community that i have grown to trust attacking the people who are discussing the problematic aspects of a card that depicts a situation of sexually-charged violence, it makes me :

a) lose faith in all of you

b) wonder which of the guys in the shop where i work and play are rapists or rape apologists

c) feel unsafe at work and online


just … for fuck’s sake, if somebody says, “wow, this is intense, for some people it might bring up bad memories of some of the most traumatic experiences of their life” … instead of throwing a pissbaby fit ( on ANON, no less, like a little CHICKENSHIT ), why don’t you try and listen and learn

jesus fuck a lark